Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

      The purpose of this site is to provide more information on old Camp Adair

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  I have really enjoyed geocaching in the area of old Camp Adair, located north of Corvallis, Oregon on highway 99-W. As I located more caches, I thought that I might as well start cataloging some of the interesting sites for other people to find. What really got me started was finding the geocache called "Stairway to Heaven" placed by  hymer nugget. I wondered what the building had been, a swimming pool perhaps? I obtained a map from the local museums, and discovered that it was a theater foundation, imagine that! The map listed five theaters in all. Now that I knew what a theater foundation looked like, why not find the others? Stairway to heaven was the one in the southwest quadrant, the next one I found was in the northwest quadrant, it is in a "no public access" area. Then by using satillite photographs and the map, I located the central theater. Here I placed a geocache that I named "Stars at Night". Before that I had located the Field House and placed "Have a Field Day" as well as "Drink in the Past" on Hospital Hill (Adair Village). By now the bug really had me. The "Village Smithy" and "Greater Love" followed. These were the blacksmith shop, and one of the chapels. In the meantime, another cacher was really enjoying being able to discover what these sites were that he had been seeing. He came to me with the northeast theater and the BOMARC missile site. He has placed "Rockets Red Glare" on the missile site as part of my Camp Adair Building Locating Exercise (CABLE). We are having trouble placing caches everywhere we would like, as there is a distance requirement between caches. So I am publishing this site so others can find information on buildings, and other things, that we can't cache. My thanks to those who have given their help, you will find them listed on the "Thanks For The Memorys" page. I hope you find this site of interest, and that you will return, as more information will continue to be added over time. Valsetzpegleg


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I am always looking for new information about Camp Adair.If you know of any buildings that were moved, have any Camp Adair or WWII artifacts you would like saved,or have any Camp Adair or WWII stories that need to be told; please contact me, or any of the local museums. There is a "Contact us" page on this website with a form to fill out, or you can e-mail me direct at