Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                                       BOMARC Missile site            

Largest building, possibly the Composite building, which would include a squadron operations center, the heat and power plant, special missile vehicle shop, and spare parts and vehicle storage.  N44*42.109 W123*12.154

The building to the north

 This we believe to be the Security control building.!  N44*42.134  W123*12.213

To the east of the security control building.

We believe this building to be the missile  assembly and maintenance shop.

The launch Pads

Further to the east you can find 28 concrete slabs, that are approximately 22' x 48'. They are arranged in a grid of four rows of seven, running from west to east. If you will notice, there are tracks on the west and east sides. These would have been what the opening cover would have traveled on. Two launch pads that are very easy to find are at N44*42.1000 W123*12.054 and N44*42.1005 W123*12.0757. They are right in the jog of the trail coming in from the south.


                                     A BOMARC MISSILE


          Built by Boeing, it was the only surface-to-air missle the Air Force ever had. This one appears to be on a mobil launcher.