Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                             Buildings that are still on site

This is one of the three incinerators that used to serve the camp. It is the southernmost of the three, and the only one left. It is located on private property. The owner has resided the building, removed the chimney, and replaced the original sliding door with  an overhead door that looks like an old-fashioned double door. 

                                                 Fire house #5

 The Fire House #5 cafe and convenience store is the acutal fire house #5 that was built for the army base. After the Air Force left, it was a pub for awhile, but suffered a fire that badly damaged the interior. It has been restored, and displays many photos and artifacts from the era. The cafe faces 99-W, and the store is located on the other end where the three firetruck bays were. 


                          Note to those who do not have a GPS

      If you would like to locate some of these sites without a GPS, try this. At the Memorial Garden, where the monuments are for each Division, there is a map of the Camp. It shows the North-South Avenues (A, B, C, D etc), but does not name the East-West streets. Here is how to determine that. If you came in off of highway 99-W, the road made a dogleg to the right. This is now 1st Street South, and each street south of that increases up to 12th street South. If you had parked at the start of the dogleg, and walked through the gate to the North, the street running parallel to 1st street South is 1st street North. And of course, each street North of that increases up to 12th street North. Happy hunting!  Who knows, this could turn into a  new hobby, either researching history, or trying geocaching.

                    Buildings or Foundations with coordinates

Blacksmith Shop                                N44*41.926  W123*11.680                    Foundation

Chapel at Ave. C & 1st st N               N44*42.0956 W123*12.6622                Foundation

Chapel at Ave. C & 5th st N               N44*42.4626 W123*12.733                  Foundation

Chapel at Ave C & 4th st S                N44*41.6796W123*12.6274                 Foundation

Chapel at Ave C & 8th st  S                N44*41.3404W123*12.6180                 Foundation

Chapel at Ave C & 12th st S              N44*40.9724W123*12.6128                 Foundation

Chapel at Ave. D & 3-4th st S            N44*41.7356 W123*12.2153                Foundation

Chapel at Ave. D & 7th st S                N44*41.4018 W123*12.2161                Foundation

Chapel at Ave. D & 9th st N                N44*42.867 W123*12.404                     Foundation

Field House                                          N44*41.979  W123*11.912                     Foundation

Fire House #5 (A. V. cafe)                  N44*40.155  W123*13.313                     Building

Fire House at Ave. E & 6th st S         N44*41.4945 W123*12.0066                  Foundation 

Fire House on Ave. B & 5th st. S.      N44*41.598  W123*12.844                     Foundation          

Officers Club North                              N44*43.1314 W123*6661                       Foundation 

Ordinance Repair                                N44*41.923 W123*11.843                      Building

Pay Telephone Center                        N44*42.041  W123*12.244                     Foundation

Storehouse Ave B & 1st st S.             N44*41.92*6 W123*12.8465                  Foundation 

Storehouse  Ave. B & 5th St. S.          N44*41.568  W123*12.836                     Foundation

Theater, Central                                    N44*41.992  W123.12.324                     Foundation

Theater on Ave. C & 5th st. N.            N44*42.504  W123*12.761                     Foundation

Theater on Ave. C & 8th st. S.            N44*41.302  W123.12.622                      Foundation

Theater on Ave. D & 8th st N.             N44*42.765 W123*12.389                      Foundation

Theater on Ave.D &  5th st S.             N44*41.5732 W123*12.2157                  Filled in Foundation