Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                                        Camp Adair Statistics

     Built in 6 months at a cost of 32 million dollars, the plans alone weighed 130 pounds. Bids were opened in Portland at the end of February, 1942, it was to be completed by September 15, 1942. It was finished on time!

1,800 buildings in all

Field house with 3 full sized basketball courts

Bakery that could produce 45,000 loaves of bread a day

Heating plant

500 barracks

11 chapels

5 movie theaters - central had 800 seats, the other 4 had 1,200 seats

13 Post Exchanges


2 guest houses

1 bank

 1 post office

a telephone exchange


coal yard

Headquarters building


Gas house (gas warfare)

Source: John H. Baker's book "Camp Adair"

             The Divisions stationed at Camp Adair

            They were “Triangular” divisions because they were organized into three regiments. Each division had a cannon company, an anti-tank company, a service company and a medical detachment assigned to each regiment.

70th Infantry Division (Trailblazers)  (Oregon's Own) The second division to be stationed in the south section. Regiments were 274th, 275th 276th.  The fir tree on their shoulder patch is in recognition of the 91st Infantry Division, from which they drew their officers and NCOs.  Organization Day was September 11, 1943.  Activation was on June 15, 1943. July 1944 they received word to move out to Fort Leonard Wood. By the first part of December they were aboard ships heading to France.

91st Infantry Division  (Powder River) “Let ‘er buck” Reactivated August 15,1942 and trained at Camp White in Medford, after maneuvers in Bend, they were moved to Camp Adair on November 2, 1943, and were out of there be the end of March 1944. This would make them the second Division to be stationed in the north section of the camp. Departed for North Africa April 3, 1944.

96th Infantry Division  (Deadeye) Reactivated August 15,1942 at Camp Adair. They were the first Division stationed in the  north section of the camp. The 382 Regiment

 104th Infantry Division (Timberwolf) Activated September 15, 1042 at Camp Adair.Started basic training at Camp Adair December 14, 1942. They were the first Division in the south section. After 18 months training here and at Bend, they moved to Camp Carson, Colorado for final training. Departed for Europe in August, 1944.