Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair




 Camp Colton  30000 S. Camp Colton Dr. Colton, Oregon 97017                                             Telephone 503-824-2267 This is now privately owned, and is available for weddings and special events. N45*10.2308 W122*25.9026

    I'm proud to announce that Kathleen Lundstrom, the owner of Camp Colton, is now a member.


Grace Lutheran Church 435 NW 21st St. Corvallis, Oregon 97330 541-757-1600 The chapel shown is inside the end of the building shown in the exterior view. The main interior shown is now a multipurpose center.

N44*34.336 W123*16.583


                                          Crescent City, California

 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church   200 Macken Crescent City, Calif. How wonderfully appropriate that this church started out in a stable with seating for 40 people. They acquired Camp Adair Chapel Building no. T2-1125 on June 15, 1948 (unknown if this is purchace date, or date of arrival at Crescent City). First service was held on October 9, 1948, with the dedication on May 29, 1949. The Adair chapel gave them seating for 180. They have a website  Check out "History of St. Paul's.



 The first chapel to be located was the Fellowship Hall of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Dallas, Oregon. In the upper right photo, the original chapel is the center section of the East end of the building. Notice the arched glue-lam trusses, this is the sign of a WWII Army chapel. Located at 450 SE Washington St. Dallas, Oregon 97338. Telephone 503-623-2233.  Dedicated December 21, 1947.

   N44*55.175 W123*18.700




Westside Christian Church         1866 Chambers st.

We have not been able to establish contact with the building owners as of yet.

                                                    Lincoln City

  Saint Augustine Catholic Church 1139 NW Highway 101 Lincoln City, Oregon 97367                    541-994-2216    This church is beautiful inside with all it's stained glass. If there is no service going on, see if you can go in.   No website      N44*58.422 W124*00.855


                                                  Reedville - Aloha



Reedville Presbyterian Church is located at 2785 SW 209th Ave.  Aloha, Or. 97006

       Telephone 503-649-1282       




                                         Rocky Butte - Portland

  City Bible Church at Rocky Butte. 9200 NE Fremont Portland, Oregon 97220 503-255-2224                           N45*32.9541 W122*34.0427


Saint Paul's Catholic Church 1410 Pine St., Silverton, Oregon 97381           503-873-2044 

                                                    N45*00.692 W122*47.689                    A memorial to Fr. Richard Carberry.  


       This one has uncovered special meaning. My request to the Silverton Historical Society for information about the Catholic Church that came from Camp Adair, caught them by surprise. They didn’t know it’s past. But Carolyn Hutton, the curator searched past issues of the Silverton Appeal-Tribune. And she discovered the article on Friday August 22, 1947, describing the progress on the construction of the church. It is described as the Fr. Carberry Memorial. She also found the article about his death in the Capitol Journal dated July 28,1945. In it, it stated that Rev. Richard Carberry was pastor of Saint Paul’s Catholic Church when he entered the army for chaplin’s service. He served in Manila, Bataan, and was taken prisoner on Corregidor. While on the island, he was given two citations for outstanding bravery by Lt. General Wainwright. The Japanese ship carrying the prisoners to Japan was bombed, but he survived. On July 28,1945 the church received the news that he had died in a Japanese work camp.

Thank you, Carolyn for your research.

         “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

                                                                    John 15 – 13 

Of the four Divisions that trained at Camp Adair;

70th Infantry Division – “Trailblazers” - 775 killed in Europe

91st Infantry Division – “Powder River” - 1,575 killed in Europe

96th Infantry Division -  “Deadeyes” – 603 killed in Leyte, 1,598 killed in Okinawa

104th Infantry Division – Timberwolves” – 1,447 killed in Europe 

Please keep in mind that some of these men prayed in this chapel.

In John H. Baker’s book “Camp Adair” he states on page 109 that when the camp was razed, all the chapels were spared. Four were moved to be war memorials, seven for churches. This is the first that I have found that was dedicated as a memorial.

                                                    Sweet Home

This chapel was rebuilt here by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After they built a new, larger building in 1976, this building was used by the Boys & Girls Club, and several churches. The section at the left is in the original configuration with the trusses. The right side of the "L" is built without the trusses. It is located at 450 Oak Terrace. N44*23.765W122*44.302

                                            West Linn, Oregon

                 Located at 1984 McKillican street West Linn, Oregon 97068.     503-656-8600


        In the exterior photo, the original chapel is the far end of the section with the chimney. The chapel was dedicated on July 13,1947.