Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                                 These chapels came from other bases

          While searching for Camp Adair chapels, I have come across some from other bases in Oregon. They are all made from the same plans, just different bases.




 Victory Tabernacle, located at 463 N. 39th in Springfield has been moved twice. It started out as a chapel at Camp White, near Medford. After the war it was moved to Springfield to be used as the Saint Alice Catholic church at 1520 F st. It was later removed to make way for a new catholic church, and moved to it's present location.




Springfield - Saint Alice Catholic Church at 1520 F St. Springfield, Oregon is a true WWII Army chapel, but it came from Camp White in the Medford area.




 Prineville- Our Savior's Lutheran Church at 695 3rd St was moved from Camp Abbot near Bend. Camp Abbot was used to train Combat Engineers. All that remains of Camp Abbot now is the "Great Hall" at Sunriver. It was the officers mess for the camp.               541-447-7526 http