Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                     Relocated Buildings, Not including the Chapels 

                              The Church Mouse in Sweet Home

This is a building that was moved from Camp Adair to Sweet Home by the Lutheran Church. It was not an actual chapel at Camp Adair, but was used as one by the church. It's 20'x70' size makes it much smaller than one of the actual chapels, and it does not have the glu-lam arched trusses. After the church built a newer and larger building, it was used as an art gallery for a while. And is now privately owened. It is located at 13th and Nandina streets, with coordinates of N44*23.913 W123*43.728. The Lutheran Church web page lists the history of moving this building

                       Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Corvallis



 In 1958 The Unitarian Fellowship of Corvallis bought two Camp Adair buildings, cut them in half, and moved them to the present site. The t-shaped building in the North-East corner became the meeting, or Fellowship Hall. The other building was put together in an "L" shape, located in the South-West corner. This became the Religious Exploration building. In 1987, expansions saw the addition of the sanctuary, offices, bathrooms and the foyer. The Unitarians and the Universalists merged in 1961, and the name was added in the 1970's.
The website for the Fellowship is  N44*35.219W123*17.097



               The Light of the Valley Assembly of God Church in Keizer

Although it is a relocated Camp Adair building of approximately the right size and shape, a trip through the attic to examine the trusses proved that it is not a chapel. This bi-lingual church serves the community by teaching English and other skills to its students. Located at 610 Dearborn Ave. N. N44*59.596W123*01.543

             Brougher Hall at George Fox University, Newberg


 One of several buildings moved from Camp Adair, Brougher Hall is the last one remaining. There used to be a dinning hall, veterans housing, married student housing, music and fine arts buiildings. Brougher was originally the science hall, but is now home to the visual arts departmant. A nice history of the Camp Adair buildings can be found at Thanks to the George Fox University/Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church Archives for the photos 

                          Warner Hall - Pacific University - Forest Grove


 The bottom left photo shows the back of the original section of the building. An internet search turned up a black & white version of what I thought this, with the caption that it originally was the Enlisted Mens' Club at Camp Adair. While assembling this information, I compared the two photos side by side, and discovered that the black and white photo had to have been of the front before it was bricked over. It is this back side that you see driving by on the street, which is part of old highway 99-W. So, the building was dismantled after the war on 99-W at Camp Adair, then trucked up North and reassembled on the opposite side of 99-W in Forest Grove. Part of the building evidently contains the theater for student productions. I have been told by the University historians that Tabitha Hall is also a Camp Adair Building, and that several barracks building were relocated there. It was not made clear what they were used for, but I am guessing as student dorms. N45*31.211W123*06.579