Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair


     These are the people who have contributed their time to help make this web page what is is today. I thank each and every one of you,

Kelly of Team Sunsfire777                          Mary Gallagher and the Benton County Museum, for the

step2626                                                              information, and the use of their WWII photographs

V-Star Rider                                                 Zoie Clark and Kate Wilder of the George Fox University

2-trees                                                                  for their research


     These churches have made me welcome, and proudly showed me around their chapels. Each one has acquired it's own personality to reflect it's congregation. But each serves the same Father, and I hope will seek out their siblings in a bringing together of their original family. 

Grace Lutheran Church in Corvallis - Cindy and Bruce

Reedville Presbyterian - Lynne

Saint Augustine Catholic Church in Lincoln City

Saint Paul Catholic Church in Silverton 

Trinity Lutheran Church in Dallas -Pastor Dave Pederson