Camp Adair

A geocachers guide to Camp Adair

                                This is the Waymarking page

      Because I cannot place geocaches at all the sites I would like, I am creating this page. Geocaches must be at least 1/10 of a mile apart, so that eliminated some of them. Other sites would be too far away to service, or I could not get permision for a cache. So, for those of you who are not familiar with waymarking yet, here's the lowdown. and are both operated by the same group, and your geocaching user name and password work on both. Waymarking is where what used to be virtual caches are now registered. Try it, at first it seems strange, but it will become familiar after some use. Select a catagory to search for, then narrow it down. You may have noticed on when you are searching an area for caches, there is a place on the right column where you can select "nearby waymarks". This is an easy way to spot all waymarks in that area. Like geocaching, you can find others waymarks, or you can locate some new ones of your own to post for others to find. They have also now started a Games area, where you can go on scavenger hunts for sites in a given area. Happy hunting!

        My Camp Adair Waymarks - Please note: Not all waymarks associated with Camp Adair will be located at Camp Adair.

      To find this group, go to Categories / Waymarking Departments / View entire list / Buildings / Relocated Structures /  in the upper right select "sort alphabeticaly" then scroll down to the listings. 

Camp Adair Chapel - Colton, Oregon                                    N45*10.231 W122*25.903 

Camp Adair Chapel - Corvallis                                                N44*34.336 W123*16.583

Camp Adair Chapel -Dallas, Oregon                                     N44*55.175 W123*18.700

Camp Adair Chapel - Lincoln City, Oregon                           N44*58.422 W124*00.855

Camp Adair Chapel - Rocky Butte (Portland), Oregon        N45*32.954 W122*34.043

Camp Adair Chapel - Silverton, Oregon                                 N45*00.692 W122*47.689

Camp Adair Chapel - West Linn, Oregon                              N45*21.823 W122*36.884

Camp Adair Storehouse(?) - Sweet Home, Oregon

                        Here is another list with the trails

Camp Adair Motor Pool Chimney    View entire list /  Structures / Lonely Chimneys / sort

Camp Adair SAGE building AFS       View entire  list / Buildings /Government  & Services / Abandoned  AirForce Radar Sites 

Camp Adair Officers Club Chimney  View entire list /  Structures / Lonely Chimneys / sort

 English and Smith Cemeteries are listed under world cemeteries Located South of Monmouth on Helmick Rd. There are also some other smaller cemeteries included in them . They were all moved here for the Camp Adair construction N44*49.289W123*14.118